Wonder how to write a college essay? You came to the right place.

Students struggling with college admissions are often overwhelmed by lots of new information and wonder where they should start. Sounds familiar? This article will help you make an important step towards your successful enrollment! Below you can read about picking a proper topic, planning it through carefully, applying a proper format for the work you write and preparing it for submission. Stay with us and learn how to write winning texts!

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How to Write a College Essay: Tips That Work

Figuring out how to write a good college essay is just a first step. You mustn’t spend hours brainstorming ideas and spending precious time. Just stay with us and follow our guide!

  • Think about main statement. Pick a catchy one that would “hook” the readers.
  • Start with a plan for the story. Do all the necessary research and review it carefully.
  • Use your writing skills to pick the right words. They will better convey your ideas to an audience.
  • Review completed essay. Do it at least once. Check it for plagiarism.

Stay with us and you will find more detailed tips for writing winning essays!

Start Your College Application Essay With Something That’s Important to You

If you want to successfully write a college application essay, you should know these few tricks. 

The best topic would be the one you can say something interesting about. You should look for a subject that is closely linked with your life or interests, so the paper you write will captivate the audience. It can be about that one book you have read, about your encounters with some outstanding people or about outstanding situations you’ve got into.

Create a Strong College Essay Outline

Next step is creating college essay outline. It is important that you do it before composing the full-text version. An outline must include all key ideas you wish to convey to the audience. At the same time, you should make it brief.

Start with your main thesis and place headings and subheadings below. Some explanations can be added for each of them, but you mustn’t write full sentences in an outline. Once done with an outline, review it carefully. Making corrections and adding important missing elements is much easier at this stage.

Write the First Paragraph of Your College Essay With a Hook

Strong first paragraph should grab your readers' attention, making them want to read more. If you wonder how to write a hook in an essay, follow these simple rules:

  • Make your first paragraph an introduction into your essay. It should provide an insight into your whole story.
  • Make some unusual and unexpected or even controversial statement in your first sentence. Then, explain how it’s linked with your story.
  • Write in a good, clear and concise manner so that your points would be easy to understand.

Create Your College Essay With Honesty and Humor

The best way of telling your story when writing college essay is telling it honestly. Show your personal views and ideas about the subject. Be yourself and write emotionally. This will help in demonstrating unique point of view on the topic.

Adding some humor into the assignment is also quite a common thing. It is another way of “hooking” the audience. Don’t be afraid that college officers may dislike it – a nice and appropriate joke doesn’t hurt anyone!

Be Creative in Your College Application Essay

Showing some creativity is important when writing college application essay. Following standard templates is not necessary. Try looking at everything from an original angle.

After you finish your creative writing essay, take some time for re-reading an essay, and focus on its originality. You might want to replace some sentences that sound like a cliché.

Make Your College Essay Unique and Beautiful

Your college application essay should look outstanding for those who will be checking it. Remember: an application for a school you’ve chosen is likely to be just one of many. In order to make it look very nice keep in mind the following tips:

  • Weigh each word. Avoid profane language or slang.
  • Provide explanations and make comparisons. So the audience can better understand the idea.
  • Use quotes wisely. At the end, your main ideas must be expressed with your own words.
  • Be clear and concise. Avoid overcomplicated phrasing.

Write a Strong Conclusion for Your College Essay

A good college essay conclusion can restate the introduction of the essay. It allows students to check themselves the structure of their work: whether all questions have been answered. It is also important that you summarize the main idea and outcomes of the paper in the end.

A conclusion must be short and sound as a complete ending of the whole story, so that the reader would be satisfied. And, of course, it should respect grammar rules and follow the format requirements.

Proofreading and Editing Your College Essay

After finishing writing college essay it is crucial that you review it carefully at least two times. Typically, even a quick review of the text with a fresh eye helps in revealing some major and minor mistakes. While reviewing, you might find some places where you missed applying proper format. Sometimes you may spot a fact that needs additional proofreading. 

Editing your essay yourself before the submission greatly increases your chances of success.

College Essay Examples: Free and Fresh

Still unsure about your goals and wondering what to start from? Make sure that you check these college application essay examples out carefully. This will make it easier for you to come up with fresh ideas. Go on and ensure the success of that college application!

The examples are available below.

Zero Based Budgeting
Human Resources (HR)
Paper type
Admission Essay
Provider Organizations
Health sciences and medicine
Paper type
Admission Essay

College Essay: Requirements for Formatting

Wondering how to format a college essay to ensure its success? In fact, there are no strict requirements on which format to choose – unless the college you are applying to has any specific guidelines about that. If there are none, you can use APA or MLA format style, as both are perfectly fine for college essays.

How to Write a College Application Essay: Final Thoughts

So, good college essays must be creative, unique and beautiful. This would make them stand out among other applicants’ works. The topic you chose will match your own experience, - it's basically an essay about yourself, - which will make it easier for you to provide a lot of interesting information about. You should make strong statements about your own unique ideas. Use some tricks to “hook” your reader from the start.

Also, keep in mind that proper formatting and careful reviewing of completed pieces of writing should not be neglected. Plan it beforehand and leave some extra time for yourself to proofread your essay before the submission – don’t allow some obvious mistakes ruin your college application!

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Frequently Asked Questions About College Application Essays

1. How long does it take to write a college essay?

Normally it would take from 20 to 30 hours to write a college essay. You need to carefully choose a prompt, write and outline and review it, compose a draft, then complete the full text of your essay and finally to format and edit it. Better leave some time for yourself to proofread your essay the next day.

2. How long should a college essay be?

There are no strict requirements for college essay length. It depends a lot on your subject: you must provide enough details and explanations to make it a good read. However, a general recommendation is not to exceed 650 words in your essay.

3. What should you not write about in a college essay?

When you write a college essay, it is better to focus on some serious things. Avoid subjects that are just about entertainment and of course do not support any bad actions. In short, this is what you should not write about in your essay:

  1. Sports.
  2. Humor.
  3. Self-expression.
  4. Illegal or Illicit behavior.

4. What should I write my college essay about?

You can choose from various topics for your college essays. Just remember to avoid illegal or overly simplistic subjects. Besides, always maintain a respectful tone and don’t use any profanities or slang. This will help make your reader comfortable agreeing with your ideas and arguments.

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