Our Guarantees

Our Guarantees

Our StudyCrumb team always aims to build trust with our customers. Being aware of your guarantees and privileges ensures your smooth experience with us. Each time you place an order on our website, you are entirely secured by our straightforward policies.

Money Back Guarantee

Our high customer satisfaction ratio proves that our services are of top-notch quality, and we are constantly improving to make them even better. Although we always strive to provide the best service possible for every customer, rare cases where reimbursement is requested may occur. To keep your money safe and secure, we have developed a very transparent Money Back Guarantee. You can request a refund within 14 days after the latest copy of the order has been sent to you or within 30 days if the order has 30 pages or more. Please review the Money Back Guarantee carefully to determine cases when you are eligible for a refund.

Terms and Conditions

By making a payment and purchasing the product at StudyCrumb.com, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. The products we offer are provided by freelance writers who transfer all ownership rights to our company. The orders provided by StudyCrumb.com are not intended to be used as your own work. The products can be used for reference purposes or as a sample for further research. Learn more about order placement, processing, payments, your rights, and obligations while using this website on our Terms and Conditions page.

Fair Use Policy

Our main goal at StudyCrumb is to help you develop into a more literate and well-educated person. Use the materials received from us to understand the subject field better, develop proper expertise in your chosen area, and become a more knowledgeable individual. It is what we were made for – to help students excel at their academic pursuits by providing logically structured pieces of information for your perusal. Please refer to our Fair Use Policy to learn more about our product’s purpose and how to use it correctly.

Privacy Policy

This policy describes what personal information we collect from you when you visit StudyCrumb.com. We use this information to provide technical support in case of need, analyze data for our platform’s improvement, respond to any possible inquiries or complaints, and perform other essential activities. Be sure that under no circumstances will we share your private information with third parties unless obliged to do so by lawful requests of public authorities. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are advertising technology that allows us to improve our marketing strategies by granting every customer a personalized experience while using StudyCrumb.com. Each time you enter our website, you will find out that your staying is becoming better and better as we stick to your preferences to ensure a customized and first-rate user experience. You may disallow cookies in the settings of your browser. But keep in mind that your user experience may worsen due to the limitations of cookies. For more detailed information, please review our Cookies Policy.