Readability Checker: Run a Free Readability Test Online With Ease

Use our favorite free online readability checker to get your free readability score now! Don't hesitate to maximize the effectiveness of your text.

Readability Checker: Run a Free Readability Test Online With Ease

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How to Use Our Text Readability Calculator

Are you looking for a free readability calculator? What a lucky day for us and you because we've got you covered all the way. Let us show how to get your readability index calculator in a few seconds.

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You can work anywhere you'd like. Just copy and paste your text to the box and you're good to go with improving your paper.

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Click a button to receive the results. The engine will automatically start its magic. Just sit tight as it only takes a couple of seconds for the results.

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Once the results are in (they appear almost immediately), you will be able to improve your text according to recommendations and personal experience.

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Why Our Readability Tool Stands Out

So why should you choose this free readability test tool and not dozens of other online engines out there? We're so glad that you asked. Well, we will enumerate some of the reasons and you can make your own call:


This is the easiest and most simple readability testing tool out there. You will hardly find anything more simple. We specifically created a user-friendly interface that is familiar and understandable for returning and new visitors alike.

Free Use

Use our readability score free of charge. This handy machine will get you what you want for free. There are no hidden payments or credit cards involved. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about us charging for your analysis.

Comprehensive Report

We use several readability tests and algorithms, combining and interchanging them to get the best results. We are sure to get into more details further down this page. This way you have a top-notch writing level detector.

Impeccable Speed

Last but certainly not least, writing level analysis is not only effective but insanely fast. We are not even talking about minutes here —- it’s seconds. Just blink and you already have a complete and comprehensive report on your hands. Free, quick, and easy!

Texts Our Readability Analyzer Works With

So what sort of texts can you check with this readability analysis? We've got a list!

Academic Papers

This handy and easy writing grade level analyzer will show you exactly what grade is your text a nice fit for. Sometimes you might want to simplify it or add complexity to it.


It is always crucial to check readability level for essays with an essay readability checker. They will be read by professional academic experts who will judge them from the bottom to the top.

Creative Content

Writing level calculator is very popular with creative writers. Content specialist use it to understand their audience and see whether the text is a good fit for whatever they are expecting.

Other Texts

Our text complexity calculator does an amazing job when it comes to literally any type of text. You can go ahead and paste any paper, document, or piece in this tool and receive results.

Metrics Our Writing Level Checker Tells You

Metrics Our Writing Level Checker Tells You

You might be surprised but writing level analyzer is not an easy tool. It does wonders that much is true. But what exactly it checks remains a secret for many. However, it will no longer stay that way because we want to let you behind the curtain of this magical tool. So when you click on the "check writing level" button our tool starts running diagnostics. It analyzes syntax, grammar, wording, and other details to propose in your results. More about it in the next sections!

  • Readability Score

    Readability Score

    The first thing you can see in the readability score checker is obviously a readability score calculator. It uses several combined tests and their unique characteristic to say what exactly you can do with your text. Is it easy to read? What sort of audience can read it? Our readability score is based on Flesch Reading Ease, Flesh Kinkaid Grade Level, SMOG Index, Gunning Fog Score, and Automated Readability Index. It's totally okay if those words make no sense. But we will also touch upon major terms.

  • Text Difficulty Level

    Text Difficulty Level

    Our text complexity tool starts by determining overall text complexity. Some texts are specifically created for their target audience. If you are in college — the text must fit certain requirements. In high school, you can get away with laxer language. By seeing the level of difficulty you can ensure that your text is understood by your intended audience. In this situation, everyone wins!

  • Sentence Complexity

    Sentence Complexity

    Sentence complexity analyzer can tell you all about your sentences. How long are they? Do you have two complex sentences together? Should you put in shorter sentences? Can your audience read the text or there are some changes to be made? This is why you need a sentence readability checker. This tool considers the average length of sentences and the percentage of long sentences. This way you can find a perfect balance and make your text understandable for those who need to read it.

Best Free Readability Checker Online for Reading Ease Level

In case you're looking for a readability checker free, this is your guy right here. It combines every possible feature that you might need, apart from being completely free, easy, and quick. You're not losing anything by trying it out. So instead of googling "check my writing online for free" you can always come here and do it in a few clicks. Trust us when we say that it makes your text sharp and beyond all understanding. That is the main purpose of any written piece — being understood. So don't hesitate to try out this tool as it does not require anything in return.

What Factors Are Considered During Readability Check

So what exactly happens when you check readability online? Well, when our tool starts working it turns on an online readability assessment that uses the factors below for your results:

  • Average sentence length How long are your general sentences, and whether they need to be shortened?
  • Number of syllables Longer words and more academic words naturally have more syllables that increase complexity.
  • Percentage of long words There must be at least some balance between complex and easy language.
  • Average length of words No one wants to read a never-ending list of long words written in a row.
  • Percentage of commonly used words Keywords are met everywhere, but they should not stick out from your text like a sore thumb.
  • Difficulty of sentences Using passive constructions or compound sentences might complicate your written piece.

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Run a Writing Level & Readability Test With Ease 

It is a perfect platform to test your writing level for several reasons. There are dozens of readability test tools out there but by choosing this one you've got many guarantees.

  • Simplicity — You don't need special skills to figure out how this platform works and how to cope with it in a matter of seconds. With us, even a complex writing level test will be a piece of cake.
  • We do all the work — Have you heard of the Flesch Kincaid grade level calculator? That sounds scary enough for anyone to run away. But goods news: we mastered it so you don't have to.

We come back to the methods and techniques later. Continue with us!

Readability Formulas Used to Determine Readability Index 

Are you curious about formulas that our online readability calculator uses? We've got you covered. It combines a variety of characteristics and tests that provide the best possible results. Similar formulas are integrated in our essay rater.

We also try to combine all those formulas into readability tools that satisfy every request.

So are you looking for a readability test free? We have a Flesch Kincaid readability test online available that features an easy interface and the best quality. To give context, we've created sections below.

Flesch Reading Ease Score Calculator

Are you familiar with the Flesch reading ease calculator? It's a good thing that we are then because it can help you out. Our Flesch reading ease test online calculates using several characteristics:

  • Word length
  • Sentence length

Weighting the aforementioned factors helps our machine check how complex your text is. Funny enough, the system itself was actually created by the U.S. Navy. Now you're enjoying all its benefits and improving the quality of your piece for readers.

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Flesch Kincaid Grade Level Checker

The Flesch-Kincaid readability tool is not far from the previous tool. They were actually invented simultaneously and use similar characteristics. Flesch Kincaid readability calculator also evaluates:

  • Word length
  • Sentence length

However, their value this time is slightly different. It also counts the total number of words and sentences. With precise mathematical calculations, it can tell you what people can read your text. Flesch Kincaid grade level online is easily accessed here. So there's no need to look anywhere else!

Gunning Fog Index

Our readability software can do so much more than we have already talked about. Gunning Fog index allows us to evaluate:

  • Number of words per sentence
  • Quantity of long words

It is much more simple than it sounds: short sentences with equally short words get higher scores because they are easier. "Fog" is added to the text if a person doesn't understand what they are waiting about. In other words: the simpler the better. So make sure you test your document's readability now to show how well you know your topic or have an expert "do my assignment". Avoid fog and achieve clarity!

Automated Readability Index 

Automatic readability checker asses written pieces quite similar to other tools using:

  • Word difficulty (number of letters per word)
  • Sentence difficulty (number of words per sentence)

So when you check readability online the test runs a couple of formulas. For example, if your index is 10 — the text is perfect for high school students. Depending on the index, the text will fit varied categories and ages. The same principle is applied for other similar techniques and formulas. We just combine them all together into one excellent test.

SMOG Index Readability Check

Our best automatic readability checker does not shy away from using the SMOG index. What would you ask? Well, it stands for Simple Measure of Gobbledygook. Did not help much, now did it? Let's put it in a different way.

When we are assessing readability, we also estimate the years of education the average person needs to understand any piece of writing. That's how this tool works:

  • The machine counts 10 sentences near the beginning, 10 in the middle, and 10 near the end
  • Analyzes every word with 3 or more syllables
  • Rounds it to the nearest 10
  • Adds three to this figure.

And voila! You know how to change your text or whether there is nothing to improve.

Readability Test Table

Now that you know how to use the readability test tool, it's a perfect time to analyze the score you might get. Here is a table for reference.

Grade5th grade6th grade7th grade8-9th grades10-12th gradesCollegeGraduate
CommentExtreme ease to read and readability grade level shows it.Readability index shows a basic level of English.For students of lower grades, this text can be difficult to read.A simple, understandable language.Academic and fairly complex language.Perfect for college students.Complex and difficult text for students who are about to graduate or older.

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FAQ About Writing Level Detector

In case you still have some questions about this handy writing level checker, we've got the answers below!

1. What is readability?

Readability is a characteristic of a text. It shows whether people can read one's text with ease. There are different levels of this characteristic depending on the intended target audience. It is obvious that 6th graders have easier language and less complexity than graduate ones. Therefore, the level of language has also been used here.

2. Why is readability important?

Now that we know what readability is we can talk about its importance. Why do we care about and create special tools? It is rather simple. If the text is hard to comprehend, many people will just stop reading. Your thoughts will be lost even if they are interesting, and they will simply remain unheard. By improving this characteristic you will make sure your voice is heard.

3. How is the readability index calculated?

You surely want to know how we calculate the readability index. Here we use a variety of formulas that are balanced and combined to create one unified tool. There are several steps that our machine takes. For example, short sentences are usually easier to comprehend than long ones. The same goes with simple, short words, commonly known words when compared to specific terms or old-fashioned words.

4. Is 50 a good readability score?

Depending on your readability score, different people will understand your text. 50 is not usually recommended as a good score. We would say that 60-70 is much better. So make sure you analyze your text!

5. How to find out what my writing level is?

It is actually very easy to use and find a writing level checker. Use ours! It is free, easy, quick, and effective. There is nothing to lose so why not try it? Besides, it will help you be heard by the people reading your text.

6. Do I need to register to use StudyCrumb's readability checker?

No! There is no need to register if you want to use our online readability checker by StudyCrumb. It's totally free and doesn't require personal data, credit card information, or registration. Just paste your text and push the button to get the results.

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