You know how to write a research paper, but all possible topics seem way too complicated and not interesting? Many students face the same dilemma, because you need to brainstorm a bunch of ideas and look through numbers of scientific works to choose the one and only. If a broad topic range is causing headaches with doubts, keep reading to find the perfect topic that excites and blows your mind. Our article includes diverse fields starting from Art and ending with Chemistry!  

Good Research Paper Topics: Tips on Choosing

The choice of topics for a research paper is based on several fundamental principles, which can help you choose a topic easily:

  • Define your research relevance and significance. Exclude out-of-date problems from your list. For that, do prior research, using only reliable sources.
  • Choose an understudied direction or a part of it. There will be more chances to discover new results.
  • Set exact study goals, achievements that should be entirely devoted to your study. Also think about your thesis statement in advance or use Research Paper Thesis Generator.
  • Don't consider poorly studied areas if it’s one of your first academic works. There is a risk you can get confused and never complete this study.

The last tip from StudyCrumb: focus on those topics for research that can potentially make a contribution to the scientific community. Then, while reading further, pay attention to the most desirable science branches.  

Easy Research Paper Topics for All Students

Below you can find 100 best research paper topics for different scientific fields. All the topics are divided into 10 categories for your convenience. We sincerely hope that these ideas will help you with the research paper introduction!  

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Do people cause global climate change?
  • Is death penalty effective?
  • Is American election process fair?
  • Is torture ever acceptable?
  • Should men receive parental leave?
  • Is a school uniform practical?
  • Does the USA have a proper tax system?
  • Does curfew keep teens away from trouble?
  • Is academic cheating controlled enough?
  • Are people too addicted to computers?
  • Why students use help writing college papers?

Art Research Paper Topics

  • Creative portrait artist (forgotten names, forbidden figures, personalities diaspora, famous people contribution).
  • Historical society and community research.
  • Historical and cultural monuments of your region.
  • Features in cinema development.
  • Postmodernism in contemporary cinema.
  • Influence of new technologies in cinematography development in the early XXI century.
  • Creative approaches in filmmaking.
  • Culture vs. Nature: perception by contemporary directors.
  • The time-space categories in cinema & visual arts.
  • Postmodernism & reference to the classics.

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Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Adults’ deviations: main features.
  • Age periodization: issues in adulthood.
  • Cognitive development: peculiarities among young people.
  • A motivational factor in adolescent period growth.
  • Professional self-esteem in early adulthood.
  • Midlife crisis problems.
  • Behavioral peculiarities during early adulthood.
  • Self-concept: behavioral characteristics among adults.
  • Aging changes in emotional spheres.
  • Stages of aging among elderly people.
  • Death and euthanasia psychological fears.

Sociological Research Paper Topics

  • The problem of terrorisms in the USA.
  • Attitude of the whole population towards representatives of non-indigenous nationalities.
  • Presence of interethnic contradictions inside a student environment.
  • Attitude of students towards compulsory military service.
  • Motivation to create a student family.
  • Mutual understanding between young people, their parents, and old relatives.
  • Value orientations: Comparative analysis among different generations.
  • The idea ​​of happiness among the youth audience.
  • Factors influencing young people's decisions to change their citizenship.
  • Attitude of young people to history.

Research Paper Topics: Education

  • "Good"& "difficult" students: How modern teachers imagine them.
  • Traits of younger students’ creative imagination.
  • How to develop creativity among teenagers.
  • Pedagogy around people: civil formation for a growing person in space, family, and school.
  • Problems with a pedagogical heritage for national education.
  • The path to yourself: self-knowledge is key to self-education.
  • The value system in youth.
  • Modern childhood & its difference from our ancestors' childhood.
  • Children’s socialization and the world around them.
  • Socio-psychological portrait of contemporary.

Health Research Paper Topics

  • Influence of various factors on children's cardiovascular system (exercise, hyperdynamics, infectious diseases, influenza, etc.).
  • Morbidity cardiovascular system state among schoolchildren or some groups of all populations.
  • Adults' respiratory infections and their correlation to smoking.
  • Functional state of external respiration at school: How it depends on various environmental factors (natural factors, smoking, colds).
  • Noise influence on nervous system among high school students.
  • The impact of environmental factors on the immune system.
  • Immune deficiency & its manifestations at schools.
  • The state of immunity pathology in certain groups.
  • Child injury problems in current conditions.
  • State of musculoskeletal system among children.
  • Current methods for studying blood.

Also, you can check our list of nursing research topics and biology topics.  

Macro- and Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

  • The middle class is a guaranteed socio-economic development of all countries.
  • Problems subsistence level formation.
  • Ways to solve income inequality problems.
  • Savings as a fundraising source in the economy.
  • Entrepreneurship development in the USA.
  • Growth and functioning of small businesses in the USA.
  • Functioning and modern developmental problems for transport enterprises.
  • Organizational and economic mechanism employment regulation.
  • Unemployment regulation mechanism.
  • International labor's recent trends for migration with future consequences.

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Chemistry Research Paper Topics

  • Organic compounds structure by modern methods.
  • Identification of halogen organic compounds by current methods.
  • Kinetics chemical reactions investigation.
  • New organic (or inorganic) compounds synthesis.
  • Connection regularities between thermodynamic and chemical properties of certain chemical compounds.
  • Modern alternative electrochemical methods for the production of selective absorbing coatings for thermal collectors.
  • Development of new express methods for checking acidity dairy products.
  • Pharmaceutical preparation: Quality control.
  • The role of heterocyclic compounds for creation of potentially biologically active substances.
  • Specific chemical compound as a basis for magnetically controlled drugs.

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Literary Research Paper Topics

  • Visual art based on your favorite author's work.
  • The search for national identity (your favorite author's work).
  • Food is a cultural phenomenon reflected in literature (for example, particular author's results).
  • Features in modernist poetry and artistic philosophy (your favorite author's work).
  • Gestures effects in literary romanticism (based on specific outcomes of certain authors).
  • Mass "high" literature in the culture of XIX-XX centuries. (based on a particular, preferably small, period with involvement by specific authors).
  • Biblical images motives in the XXI century.
  • Evolution of childhood in world literature.
  • Image of a teenager in modern American prose.
  • Path from science fiction to fantasy.

Political Science Research Paper Topics

  • The principles of political evolution systems (transition to present).
  • Integration political systems: Historical features.
  • Development issues in modern political discourse.
  • Ethnocultural conflicts, contemporary world, and political dimensions on various levels.
  • The clash of contemporary and traditional political processes.
  • Cultural & political processes: Interaction (in a historical perspective, based on a material of our time).
  • Political integration of cultural minorities: pros & cons.
  • The political identity of a multicultural state (for example, the United States).
  • Political communication in a multicultural society.
  • Freedom (or any other concept) in the world tradition.

Bottom Line

Selecting a proper research paper topic often becomes a problem for some students. All varieties make a difficult choice. Start with general issues, gradually moving on to particulars. For example, from field physics, you can choose an area of laser techniques. Then you can find a topic that is closest to your major at the university, related to quantum electronics or nonlinear optics.

Before you choose an exciting topic, discuss your work with a supervisor or teacher. Get acquainted with previous studies on the chosen field. Didn't fine any of the topics interesting, at least for a bit? Simply use these college paper writing services to have the assignment sorted out quickly.  

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Article posted on:May 3, 2022
Article updated on:Jul 26, 2022


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6/24/2022 11:09 AM
Hi there,

My professor assigned me to write a research paper and I want to write about some actual modern problems. Can you please recommend some research paper topics on social issues?
6/24/2022 12:34 PM
Hi Andrew,

Sure, we have collected a lot of different unique social issues research paper topics. Here are some of them:

1. Beauty standards.
2. Homelessness.
3. Free education for everyone: shall it be implemented?
4. Civil rights: shall they be expanded?
5. Bullying at schools and colleges.
6. Legalizing drugs: basic rights to choose or a danger to society?
7. Women rights and trans people rights.
8. Internet safety and cybercrimes.

All of these topics are actual problems we should talk about more. Hope you will like something from this list and use it in your writing! Good luck!
7/6/2022 4:43 PM
Hi! I'm an activist and I'm looking for some interesting hot topics for my research paper. Since women's rights is something worth talking about in our modern world, I want to raise public awareness of feminism and show people how important it is now. Can you help me with choosing a topic that will be both informative and useful for my audience?
7/6/2022 5:10 PM
Hi Marie,

Thank you for such an interesting question. We truly agree that feminism is a historical, political, and social problem that should be discussed in class more and more. We have a lot of good research paper topics on feminism and women's rights just for you:

1. Activation of feminism in the XXI century.
2. The role and impact of movement #MeToo.
3. Obstacles faced by feminism in the contemporary world.
4. The history of feminism: from 1837 to nowadays.
5. Gender disbalance in Asian countries and its causes.
6. Causes of misogyny and ways to overcome the problem.
7. Eco-feminism.
8. Stars and famous personalities who are feminists.
9. Impact of feminism on heterosexual relationships.
10. Does feminism harm men?

Hope you will like these topics and choose one that suits you. Happy writing!