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Use our favorite online spelling checker to never doubt the quality of your work. With this handy tool, you will be able to check for spelling errors with no hassle. Test it now!

Online Free Spell Checker

All you have to do is type in or paste your text below this instruction and click Check text to get all the results.
Click on the highlighted… spelling error for more options.

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How to Use Spell Checker

You’ll have no issues using this spell checker online for free. It only requires a few simple steps that anyone can learn in seconds. Here’s a quick guide to mastery.

Enter your text

This is an online spelling check. It means that you can work using any device, word processor, or platform. Just copy and paste the finished product into this machine and you’re all set for success.

Press the button

You’ll see the button at the bottom right corner. Once all the steps are completed — it will turn blue. Press it, blink and results will be ready almost immediately.

Detect spelling mistakes

Wait for our automatic spelling check to do the work for you. It will highlight varied types of errors from grammatical to punctuation issues or morphological problems.

Use Our Free Spelling Checker Online and Enjoy Benefits

Use Our Free Spelling Checker Online and Enjoy Benefits

So what will you get by using our free spelling checker online? It’s not like we’re bragging… but it has lots of benefits.

Free Online Spell Check

It is free! Let’s repeat it: no charge, no subscription, or payments are needed. Absolutely free and open to use. Just enjoy it!

Unlimited Use

We have no limits as to how many times one can use this tool. This free spell check is unlimited. So upload as much as you want and as many times as you see fit.

Simple Interface

We hardly think you actually need a guide here. It is an automatic spelling checker and correction. So copy, paste, press the button, and don’t worry about complicated UI.

Absolute Confidentiality

Privacy is on top of our priority list. By using spelling checks online and analyzing your work you can trust us in keeping it private. No one will be able to leak or access it.

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Fix Spelling Mistakes With Our Spelling Corrector

Fix Spelling Mistakes With Our Spelling Corrector

Use our grammar and spelling corrector online free and detect all types of issues. Don’t go any further because we’ve got a whole list waiting for you. Types of mistakes our tool fixes:


Typo checker will see if you have typed something wrong in a rush. We know that many focus more on the quality of information than on some little mistakes. Keep up good work data-wise, and we will do the rest with spelling error check.


We cannot possibly know every name or word that must be capitalized. In a rush, you can also forget to use capital letters. So do your thing, and we’ll do the rest.

Grammar Errors

They are the most common issues this algorithm looks for. There’s no need to worry if you forgot how to use Passive Voice. The website will remind you!


Effect or affect? These along with many other miswritten or misused words are quickly seen by the tool. Just type out what you feel is correct and the engine will do the rest of the work for you. Check spelling words free!

Long Sentences and Tautology

When you ask this machine to “fix my spelling and grammar,” it also targets long sentences and tautology. We offer some synonyms to mix things up. The algorithms can also advise you to add punctuation or make sentences shorter. This will help to clear up your message.

Run Online Spell Check Free With StudyCrumb

Using this free spell check online will allow you to open new horizons. Imagine this: you’ve been working on your paper for days now. You haven’t slept or gone out with your friends because tomorrow you must submit your work. You’re tired and sleepy but there’s one thing left — proofreading. Your eyes are slowly closing enough not to see the text in front of you. But then…. You remember that you know spell check software and spelling mistakes checkers that can assist you. The thought of that works better than caffeine. So you rush to this website and just in a bit — errors and mistakes are ready to be fixed. What a dream.

How Does a Spell Checker Work?

How does this spell checking software even work? We won’t get into details as hardly anyone wants that. But there are certain things we want to share with you:

  1. We use special and unique spell check algorithms. They allow us to compile all suggestions that you see on your screen.
  2. All algorithms for our grammar spell checking tools come hand in hand with the latest technological developments. If the twenty-first century was a tool, it would have been this one.
  3. Trust us in checking every possible rule, vocabulary, or book that will be useful in your case. Besides, we run analyses in similar texts to suggest some improvements that you can implement.

We know a thing or two about technology. Thus, this machine will surprise you with the fast algorithms as well as the quality of its work when you don't want to pay someone to write your essay. Using the spelling checker correct any misspellings. See for yourself as well as believe in practice! 

Check Spelling Online and Correct Any Academic Text

What type of work can one copy to automatically check spelling errors online? A simple answer is all of them!

Still, you can already start using this check spelling tool to analyze:

  • essays
  • research papers
  • dissertations
  • book reports
  • lab reports
  • article reviews
  • many more!

In other words: any paper you have can be checked here with no problem. Just copy it and press the magical button. Simple and yet effective.

You can even use it for professional documentation as well as not only academic work. If you’re a writer of any kind, this will quickly become your top bookmark in one’s browser.

Many of our term paper writers use it too, actually. They are the ones giving the advice on the possible improvements. We trust them, and they trust us — a perfect way to deliver an excellent product straight to you.

Online Essay Spell Checker

Let’s see what our handy essay spelling checker can do for you.

Correct essays:

  • Literature essays
  • Geography essays
  • History essays, etc.

Everyone writes essays, whether they are at school, college or university. Therefore, essay spelling and grammar check is a key tool that can save time as well as energy.

We specifically recommend it for those who started to learn English. It will be helpful to see what types of mistakes you can make as well as how to fix them.

Still, even native speakers make mistakes. Double-checking and proofreading with these algorithms will score a higher mark with no mistakes! Imagine that you are applying for a scholarship. It goes without saying that your essay should be flawless, and it's wonderful if you handled this task to a scholarship essay writer. But if you can't afford a professional service, our free spell checker will save your day. 

Paper Spell Checker and Grammar Corrector

Are you writing your research paper or a term of work? So, spell check paper now! Discovered this page on an early stage and don't wan't to deal with the spell check? Use our write my assignment service. 

Seriously, you cannot submit it without thoroughly proofreading it. Why not use this application for free and online to get some help as well as reduce time spent on editing?

Here’s the best way to do it:

  1. Complete your research.
  2. Check for plagiarism on one of our available tools.
  3. Proofread slightly yourself.
  4. Copy your text and check for correct spelling using this tool.

It’s easy as well as saves you not only tons of time but effort later. No one wants their professor to return their work because of some errors they might not have noticed.

Spell Checking Site for Reports

But it’s not where our spelling check software stops. It has so much more potential than seems from first sight.

Here you can also analyze your book as well as the lab report. Literature is a difficult topic that may require poetic language. You can fantasize as long as you want but trust us in ensuring that everything is written smoothly.

Our check spelling tool is perfect for lab reports. Do you make millions of written mistakes and typos trying to remember how to write a complicated scientific word? Not an issue with this little helper!

Sentence Spell Checker Online

If we can analyze as well as proofread essays, we can use this power to get your sentence spelling check free. It’s even easier. International students and those learning the English language will definitely get a hand in writing with this machine.

Remember that it is an interactive spelling checker. Therefore, it suggests on the go, offers advice, as well as highlights text depending on the type of mistake. So, hey, it’s not only useful but fun!

  • Save time for learning
  • Interact with the website
  • Use it to learn even more rules
  • Improve your writing for the future.

Only the advantages are here! Sure, you can say that you need the Internet to use this tool. But it is a small price to pay. Besides, you probably have access to the online world already if you're reading this page.

Run Grammar and Spell Check 

This English grammar and spelling corrector free will soon enough become your best buddy. But as an introduction to this website, you can try some of these options (there are several):

  1. Verify spelling when in doubt. We all make mistakes and it’s natural. Allow us to erase a shadow of doubt looming over your essay as well as offer some ways to improve it.
  2. Do you have any issues with grammar? Not a problem with free grammar spell checkers. It corrects the majority of grammar as well as written mistakes.

We can even claim that you can improve your English with this tool. It will give you excellent tips and maybe some tricks. After all, it's been learning for a long time and has reached its potential. But there’s nothing to lose. So why not try our best spell and grammar checker?

Online Spell Checker Free That Benefits Everyone

In case you’re wondering if you are the one to use a spelling mistake checker, we think that our little list below will help you out.

Whom this tool can benefit:

  1. Students This is without a doubt the best spell checker out there. Students nowadays must write dozens or even hundreds of pages weekly. We tried to do our best to help them. So if you’re a student in need of such a platform — you can use a spell checker free of charge.
  2. University applicants Applicants can find free online spell checkers and essay grader efficient as well as quick. Right now you must focus on the originality of your text. Show your personality and achievements, while the tool will help with more technical stuff.
  3. Writers Many writers use spelling error checkers. It is natural as they normally write thousands of pages. Even the most trained eye can get blurry once in a while. Relax as well as review your text here!
  4. Editors and proofreaders Surprisingly or not, English spell check is a handy thing for editors and proofreaders. Many start their process using precisely such websites.

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FAQ About Our Spell Corrector

Do you have any questions about how to spell check? We answer them below!

1. How do you spell check paper?

It’s pretty easy, our friend. To use this spell check free online you should start by copying your text. Paste it in the text box and push the “check” button. The system will automatically start its magical work and you’ll get complete results in no time. You can check what was highlighted and what suggestions can benefit your work.

2. Is your grammar and spelling corrector free?

Yes! You can use our spelling corrector online free. There are no hidden costs or payments. Just copy, paste and check! Sounds too easy but it’s true.

3. Is there any word limit in your English spell checker?

No. Our English spelling mistake checker comes with no limit. You can check your text as many times as you need. Lab reports, essays, term papers, as well as other papers, can be analyzed and proofread here.

4. Do I need to register to check my spelling?

No, there is no need to register anywhere. This check spelling is completely free and open. Copy, paste, analyze, correct, and repeat if needed. We don’t need your email address or your name. It cannot get easier than this. So what are you waiting for?